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Banner topic Apps in the Corona Pandemic


The importance of health apps in maintaining physical activity during the Covid 19 pandemic.
Banner Topic The influence of Corona on digitalisation


Living with Corona. Let's take a look at the status quo and the impact of the pandemic on the digitization of healthcare.
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Health is our most valuable asset - which measures are taken for a healthy life, we determine with the surveys.
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Meditation apps - a megatrend that took hold especially during the Corona pandemic. But are these the solution for more mindfulness in everyday life?


Artificial intelligence (AI) has long been part of our reality. AI-based technologies have also long since found their way into the healthcare sector.


Digital health apps - what exactly is behind an "app on prescription" and what legal basis applies here.
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Health data - Why it needs special protection and what role the GDPR plays in this.
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DVG, PDG, DSGVO and DiGa - abbreviations that are often used in connection with the digitization of healthcare.
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New technologies and digitalisation of the world of work and their impact on occupational health management (BGM).

What is InsurTech?

In the course of digitalisation, which was initially somewhat slower to arrive in the insurance industry, the sector-specific term "insurance" has developed in recent years. INSURTECH out. There is no official definition. This neologism is composed of Insurance (English insurance) and Technology and is an offspring of the FinTech scene that has already existed on the market for some time (e.g. PayPal). InsurTechs are technological companies that have focused on services within the insurance world. It is not uncommon for Big Data and AI to play an essential role in this context in order to offer innovative insurance products or services. The optimisation of insurance processes can also be a focus of InsurTechs.

Opportunities for insurance companies

InsurTechs can contribute to the Modernise the insurance industryby making formal Accelerate processes, new advisory methods or Innovative and more transparent insurance models develop. Stefan Wittmann, Director Life/Health Operations at Deutsche Rückversicherung AG, says at the InsurTech Conference 2019: "Collaboration with start-ups is extremely enriching; after all, InsurTechs can help the big players in insurance to become more agile, entrepreneurial and imaginative.”. InsurTechs offer enormous opportunities for better customer service, cost-saving potential and more efficiency, which means a clear competitive advantage. Digital solutions also convey the image of the innovative and contemporary insurance company to the outside world. In addition, the motto - prevention instead of cure - has not only arrived in the health market, but also shows its usefulness for the insurance industry. Risk prevention instead of risk management is coming more to the fore in the context of new digital product ideas.

Digital Touchpoints in InsurTech

Insurance-specific apps - such as's white-label solution with the digital bonus program for health insurance companies - offer completely new ways to interact with policyholders and thus communicate relevant topics or content with them.

How does insurance work?

The basic idea of insurance is based on a solidarity principle "All for one": The risk of a claim is borne by the insurance community. Many insured persons pay insurance contributions (premiums), with the insurance company acting as the collection point. If the claim occurs for an insured person, he or she receives the agreed claim payment from the collective pot of premiums.

What is reinsurance

Reinsurance is insurance for an insurance or reinsurance company. This compensates for the underwriting risk of major claims. The symbiosis of reinsurers (actuarial know-how & financial support) and start-ups (100% digital orientation) can also produce disruptive solutions. For example, since 2017 and the German Reinsurance Company work closely together to innovative insurance products to develop. for your company

Offer your target group a tailored solution for digital health prevention as a free bonus program. This way you promote more exercise and a healthy lifestyle. Based on our experience with the YAS app, we offer you individual solutions: whether for statutory health insurances, private insurances or as part of company health management. for companies