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With the support of EIT Digital Accelerator, is turning European health insurance companies into digital health companions

09.04.2021 - Scaleup helps health insurance companies build digital touchpoints with their customers. It has recently joined the EIT Digital Accelerator to lead the transformation of European health insurance companies into digital health companions. When was the last time you checked your health insurer's website? If you are like most people, the answer is probably 'never'. That is because health insurance companies lack the digital touchpoints needed to bring customers to their websites. Without such connections to their policyholders, all the great advice on managing health risks and tips for staying healthy that insurers want to share with their customers goes unread. "Lacking digital touchpoints with their customers, health insurers are leaving their policyholders stranded at sea - and the sharks are starting to swarm," says Dr Magnus Kobel, founder and CEO of "It's only a matter of time before Big Tech or another major international company swoops in to fill this void." At the risk of losing a major opportunity for enhancing the customer experience, health insurers need to act now. To do so, they need "By helping European health insurers immediately establish valuable digital touchpoints with their policyholders, is simply a game changer," adds Kobel.  

European digital technology solution with multiple benefits

Leveraging the unique expertise and experience gained since its launch in 2016, has built an advanced technology solution that enables health insurers to become a real digital health companion to their policyholders. Backed by a strong pan-European ecosystem of health partners,´s remarkable end-to-end white-labelled solution can be fully customised to the insurer's look and feel and comes with a data-intensive cloud-based backend. The app, which can seamlessly integrate into all major wearables, fitness trackers, and smartwatches, is distributed for free to the policyholder. A series of rewards and gamification elements then encourage the insured to lead a healthier lifestyle. As to the rewards, has secured long-term partnerships with various European companies offering services and products in the areas of fitness, nutrition, and mental wellbeing. "With the app, insurance companies not only gain an essential, direct connection with their policyholders, they also encourage healthy behaviour, which in turn helps keep health costs down," remarks Kobel. Kobel notes that over 25 different studies analysing data collected between 2007 and 2020 have proven the effectiveness of mobile applications in incentivising and promoting a healthier lifestyle. In addition to the app itself, also provides a complete set of services, ranging from technical operations to partner management. "With, insurers now have the possibility to offer an effective nudging tool to their policyholders," says Kobel. "Furthermore, thanks to our strong insurance expertise, we are developing an actuary data pool that we can use to help insurance companies develop new health plans."

Rapidly expanding its European footprint is now fully focused on expanding its European footprint: "We have deployed our service with leading health insurance companies and are rapidly expanding across Europe," concludes Kobel. "The EIT Digital Accelerator programme is adding significant momentum in establishing as a European champion and a leader in enabling health insurance companies to transform into digital health companions." The solution is already being used by eight major European health insurance companies who collectively serve over 2.5 million people. für Ihr Unternehmen

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