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Specialist appointment service

Specialist appointments through company health insurance – efficient and accessible Contents With its corporate health insurance (bKV), Hallesche Krankenversicherung offers a comprehensive solution to specialist appointmentsto organise specialist appointments efficiently and easily Instead of arranging specialist appointments via the health insurance an exclusive appointment service can be used, making access to medical care considerably easier. …

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eit accelerator program

EIT Digital Accelerator Program-EN is getting international with the support of EIT Digital Accelerator Inhalte 09.04.2021 – Scaleup helps health insurance companies build digital touchpoints with their customers. It has recently joined the EIT Digital Accelerator to lead the transformation of European health insurance companies into digital health companions. European digital technology solution with multiple benefits When …

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ai in healthcare

Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare

Artificial intelligence (AI) in healthcare Content In healthcare in particular, there is an enormous amount of relevant data that can contribute to better medical care for patients. However, an analysis of these health data is extensive and complex. Therefore, it becomes almost impossible to examine them exclusively by selected professionals (1). This is where artificial …

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