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Fango pack

Fango pack: A well-tried therapy for pain relief and relaxation Contents What is fango? Fango is a type of healing mud composed mainly of mineral-rich volcanic rock. This mud is often used for therapeutic purposes, especially in the form of fango packs or fango applications. Due to its mineral-rich composition, fango has various health benefits …

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Osteopathy – A holistic healing method for body and mind Contents What is osteopathy? Osteopathy is a holistic healing modality that focuses on the manual treatment of the human body to promote health and wellness. Over time, it has become a recognized and widely used form of medicine. Within the framework of osteopathic treatment, 5 …

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Nudging Opportunities

Nudging Opportunities of Health Prevention

Nudging – Opportunities for health promotion and prevention Nudging – Opportunities for health promotion and prevention Content Berlin, 6th October 2022 – Human behaviour plays an important role in health. People who exercise regularly, abstain from smoking, have a normal weight and drink little alcohol have good prerequisites for a high quality of life even …

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eit accelerator program

EIT Digital Accelerator Program-EN is getting international with the support of EIT Digital Accelerator Inhalte 09.04.2021 – Scaleup helps health insurance companies build digital touchpoints with their customers. It has recently joined the EIT Digital Accelerator to lead the transformation of European health insurance companies into digital health companions. European digital technology solution with multiple benefits When …

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