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These explanations and answers to frequently asked questions apply to the YAS app (hereinafter referred to as the "app"). This offer is operated by MAGNUM EST Digital Health GmbH (hereinafter referred to as YAS.life or "we").

MAGNUM EST Digital Health GmbH (brand name YAS.life)
Dircksenstraße 40
10178 Berlin

How do I reach the support/customer service?

We are very happy to help if there are any questions or problems regarding our App offer should arise. We can be reached in various ways:

  • via the button "Contact" or "Contact us" in the app under "My area". 
  • by telephone under: 030 - 77325242 (Mon-Fri 9-17:30 hrs, response within 3 hours during service hours)
  • by E-Mail to support@yas.life.

We usually respond to messages within one day. If contact is made at the weekend or on public holidays, we respond chronologically on the next possible working day. For us, the satisfaction of our app users comes first. We will therefore make every effort to help as quickly as possible and apologize in advance for any inconvenience.


About the app

What is the YAS app and how can I use it?

The YAS app on your mobile phone is the extra motivation and reward for your sporting activities that you already do or are discovering! The YAS app motivates you to live more active and healthier, step by step. The app and the service are free of charge for you. 


How can I register?

A login is possible at any time under "My Area" → "My Profile". By creating your own profile, you can log in again on any new device and the previously collected points will be retained!


Are there any health requirements for participating in the app's offerings?

With regard to health requirements, the following applies: The use of the app's offer is at your own risk. The services and information offered by the app do not replace medical or medical advice.



Which fitness trackers or apps is the app compatible with?

The app associated with the fitness tracker should be installed on the smartphone and linked to the app. If no fitness tracker is used, at least steps can be synchronized via Google Fit (please install on the mobile phone) or Apple Health (preinstalled on the iPhone).

We are continuously integrating more apps and trackers into our offer. We ask for your patience if certain devices are not yet compatible. We are always happy to receive messages from our support team regarding suggestions for new fitness apps and trackers. 

At this time we can offer synchronization with the following devices:

Apple Health
Google Fit
Samsung Health


How do I connect fitness apps that are not directly compatible with the app?

If a tracker or app is used that is not yet supported by us, it can also be connected to various third-party apps (e.g. Strava, Komoot, MyFitnessPal,TomTom) via Google Fit and Apple Health with the app.


For Apple Health, it's:

  • To connect a fitness app with Apple Health, it is first necessary to open the Apple Health app. Then, in the "Sources" section, you can select the fitness app you want to connect and allow it to read and write its data.
  • Under the Data tab in each area (Activity/Mindfulness/Nutrition/Sleep) of the(Activity/Mindfulness/Nutrition/Sleep) tab of the Apple Health app, you'll find a list of several recommended apps that sync with Apple Health.recommended apps that sync with Apple Health.


For Google Fit, the following applies:

  • Instructions on how to connect a fitness app with Google Fit are provided here described here.
  • If our app is to be connected to Google Fit, it is important to ensure that Google Fit is granted data access to the data being transferred.
  • Google Fit also offers a list of apps that are compatible with Google Fit. This is here available.
    Note: The list may not be complete, so it is worth taking a look at the settings of the fitness apps to be connected to see whether synchronisation is possible.
  • Thanks to this connection, the data from Google Fit is synced directly with our app.


How does syncing a fitness tracker/fitness app work?

After downloading and launching the app for the first time, we will guide through the onboarding of the app, where there is an option to connect apps and trackers. Once the corresponding icon of the fitness app or tracker is selected, the credentials from the app/tracker should be entered (if required) to log in (except Apple Health and Google Fit).

Apps and trackers can be disconnected again, switched or completely reconnected under "My Area" → "My Trackers" or via "Settings". 

It is important to note that the fitness app should be given permission to connect to our app.

Important: The synchronization of the activity data with the app is app- and device-specific. In the case of Fitbit, the synchronization can take a while (up to max. 20 minutes), depending on how fast their server requests are processed. We do our best to keep the waiting time as short as possible.


Can multiple apps/trackers be connected to the app?

Only one app or tracker can be connected to the app at a time. Apps and trackers can be changed at any time in the "My apps and devices" area or via the "Settings". If you disconnect an app or tracker on the same day and connect a new app/tracker to the app later in the day (and may have exercised in between without syncing), we can still credit the points after syncing. Please keep in mind that this is not possible with an interval of one or more days so far.


Why can't I see my steps and activities in the app?

If the tracker is connected but the steps are still not transferred, the connection can be checked step by step using the following checklist:

  1. Ensure that the smartphone has the latest version of our app.
  2. Check when the tracker and its tracking app were last updated. If there are any updates open, please run them.
  3. When adding a new tracker in our app, note the approval of the required permissions.
  4. Ensure that the login to the tracking app has been successfully completed and that all conditions have been accepted. In the same app, check that permission has been given in "Settings" to transfer the data to our app. 
  5. Refresh the dashboard in our app with a swipe down and check if the connection with the tracker is established and the data appears in the app. Important: The syncing of the activity data is app and device specific. Therefore, this process might take a while - please be patient!

At this point, everything should now be working. Sometimes it also helps to shut down the smartphone or log out of the app, uninstall the app, re-download, log in and reconnect the tracker. 

If this does not help, please contact us via the app under "My Area" → "Contact". 


Point system

How can I collect points?

Various fitness trackers can be synchronised with the app under "My area" → "My trackers". Activities collected via the tracker, such as cardio training or steps taken, are automatically transferred to the app and converted into points. Activities that the tracker does not automatically take over can also be added manually. Simply click on the "+" in the dashboard and select the activity. If activities are not displayed in the dashboard, please refresh the dashboard by dragging the screen downwards with your finger.


How does the app scoring system work?

Every fitness tracker and fitness app records the number of steps you take. The higher the number of steps, the greater the chance of a full points account.

  • 5,000 steps per day → 5 points 5 points
  • 10,000 steps per day → 10 points
  • 15,000 steps per day → 15 points
  • 20,000 steps per day → 20 points
  • 25,000 steps per day → 25 points

Active minutes
Once a tracker is synced with the app, the detected active minutes are converted into points. Points are earned for sports activities such as cycling, swimming, dancing and many more.

  • from 20 minutes continuous activity → 10 points
  • from 30 minutes continuous activity → 15 points

Active minutes" includes any activity that is recorded by the tracker or fitness app and transferred to the app. 

Because we know there's more to balanced health than fitness, we also reward mental well-being activities. 

  • from 5 minutes Meditation during the day → 5 points 5 points

It should be noted here that a tracker or special apps with a corresponding offer are required for the automated recording of the "meditation activity". In addition, "Meditation" can also be added manually as an activity (via the "+" in the dashboard).

It should be noted that sometimes two activities can be recorded by the tracker. Which of the two activities is rewarded with points in the app cannot be influenced by us.

Manually addable activities
You can manually add as many activities as you want per day (via the "+" in the dashboard). You get a maximum of 5 points per day from manually added activities.


How can I achieve the maximum daily score? 

Many ways lead to the maximum number of points. For the daily filled points account, it is most important to connect a fitness tracker with our app. What an active day might look like depends entirely on the individual needs and feasibility of each person. This is what a day could look like (all details vary depending on individual performance and are purely exemplary):

  • 5 km jogging: about 5,000 steps = 5 points
  • 30 minutes of activity at the same time: from 30 active minutes = 15 points
  • 1 hour of bowling in the evening: manually entered activity = 5 points


Can I add an activity manually afterwards?

Manually added activities can be entered up to three days later. However, we cannot guarantee that points will be awarded for this. These are only the activities that can be added via the "+" in the dashboard. 


Can I delete/edit an activity again?

Such activities, which are transmitted by the tracker or a fitness app, cannot be edited.

The manually added activities (via the "+" in the dashboard) can be deleted and edited. If a sporting activity was added by mistake and this is noticed on the same day, the activity can be changed again afterwards. The points received will adjust according to the change.


How can I track my meditation activities?

To track activities in meditation, there are two ways:

  • This can be done via a tracking app. This must be synchronizable with a connected tracker.
  • In addition, it is possible to manually add "Meditation" as an activity. For this you get 5 points.


How do I convert points into rewards? Where can I redeem them?

You can get to the rewards shop in the app by clicking on the small gift icon in the dashboard.

If points are to be redeemed for a reward, you can simply click on "Redeem now" for the selected reward. After entering a valid email address, the personal voucher code and the details of the reward will be sent.

The voucher conditions can be taken from the respective reward, the availability can be checked daily in the app. It cannot be guaranteed that a reward is still available for redemption.

Attention: A voucher code requested in the app cannot be returned, i.e. once redeemed, points cannot be credited again or exchanged for another reward. If the voucher code has already been used to place an order with one of our partners and the order is now to be cancelled, partner-specific conditions apply.


I did not receive an email after redeeming points for a reward. What can I do?

The voucher code will be sent automatically to the specified email address. If the email has not arrived, please check your spam folder. Sometimes emails from unknown e-mails from unknown senders. To prevent this, we recommend adding our e-mail address to your address book. If you still have problems, you can reach us in the app under "My Area" → "Contact".



How does a Challenge work?

In so-called challenges, we motivate our users to achieve certain movement goals within a predefined period of time. If the challenge is successfully completed, we reward this at least with extra points.

Each Challenge is a temporary offer in the app. Participation in a Challenge is voluntary. The list with all details of available challenges can be found in the app under "Challenges" (represented by the small cup).

In the detailed view of the Challenge you will find all important information regarding the 

  • Duration of a Challenge
  • Goal of the Challenge 
  • Extra points you can earn with the challenge.


Can multiple challenges be run at the same time? 

It is possible to participate in multiple challenges at the same time. Accumulated steps and activities are added to each challenge.


What is required to participate in a Challenge?

In order to successfully participate in the Challenge, it is first necessary to synchronize a fitness tracker with our app. The synchronization of the data with a fitness tracker and the update of the dashboard of the app should be done at the latest shortly before the end of the challenge. 

If a step challenge runs from Monday to Friday, the challenge can also be started on Friday evening. In this case, all steps taken since Monday are counted. But: A maximum of 30,000 steps per day will be counted for the challenge.


What are the different types of challenges?

Step Challenges
These work quite simply: steps are collected until the challenge goal is reached. The app should be updated regularly so that the steps of the connected fitness tracker or fitness app can be synchronized.

Points Challenges
In this type of challenge, progress is measured by the number of points earned during the challenge. The goal is to reach a certain number of points. For which activities we award points, we explain in the subsection: "How does the app points system work?" under "Points system".

Activity Minutes Challenges
With these challenges you collect active minutes. For this, a fitness tracker or a fitness app is absolutely required, which can track the various activities such as running, swimming, cycling or even mediation. When the app detects an activity via the connected tracker, these minutes will be displayed on the dashboard as soon as the dashboard is updated. The duration of the activity is credited to the challenge progress. Additionally, you get points for the active minutes. This pays off twice. Once the required number of active minutes has been met and transferred to the app, the challenge is considered passed.




How can I participate in a raffle?

We offer special challenges with raffles in addition to normal challenges where you can earn extra points.


To participate in a raffle, you must first accept our terms of use. In order to participate in the raffle after successful completion of the challenge, it is necessary to click on "Participate now" and enter an e-mail address. The e-mail address will be stored once to determine the winner of the raffle and to contact him.

Information about the raffle and details about the respective prize can be found in the Challenge Details.


How often do raffles take place in the app?

The frequency of raffles in the app varies from month to month. We publish the announcement of raffles in the app at least 10 days before the start of the challenge. We therefore recommend that you keep fit in order to be ready to start a challenge with a special prize at any time. It is important to note: We always try to offer new attractive raffles. Nevertheless, we ask for your understanding that there is no claim to the constant availability of raffles.


How do I know if I have won?

To participate in a raffle, an e-mail address should be provided. We will contact the winners under the given e-mail address. Afterwards we give 1-2 days time to confirm the win. A reply to the e-mail is sufficient for this. If the time passes without a response, we will draw a new winner.

Didn't win? Here's to a new one! The challenge brings extra points and motivates additionally.


Who is responsible for raffles in the app?

YAS.life is responsible for the provision of competitions and prize draws, the content and the sending of prizes. Neither Apple nor any other provider is responsible for contests, sweepstakes or content within the app..



What is the group feature?

The group feature allows you to compare your weekly steps with those of other app users and thus motivate each other.

To do this, simply create a group including a group name and invite other users of the same app to compete with each other. As soon as at least two users have joined the group, the competition can begin. The aim is to collect as many steps as possible (or at least more than the others) in order to secure 1st place at the end of the week.

A group challenge always starts on Monday and ends on Sunday.

The following should be noted: To ensure that all steps are credited, the app should always be opened on Sunday evening at the latest. Only if the app is also opened on Sunday until 23:59, the steps can be counted and the and thus influence the ranking. A synchronisation afterwards (i.e. from Monday in the following week) is not possible.


Why do I need to create a profile to use the group feature?

A profile is absolutely necessary, because otherwise the collected steps cannot be compared with the data of the other group members. The selected name is displayed to the other group members within the group.


Health targets

What are health goals and how do they work?

Health Goals is a feature that we want to enable you to live an even healthier life. We know there's more to a healthy life than exercise and running, so we created this feature.

With a click in the dashboard of the app on the bottom right on the small mountain with flag, you get to the feature "Health goals". There you can choose between the target categories fitness, nutrition, mental well-being and prevention.. Goals with different focus can be set from these categories. For example: cardio training, drinking enough or wellness. Once a goal has been set, it starts the next day. You can choose the intensity and duration of the goal. Many of the goals (especially all exercise and fitness goals) are tracked automatically if the app is connected to a fitness tracker or fitness app. Some other goals should be entered manually. By enabling the app's push notifications, one will receive regular reminders to enter health behaviors aligned with the personally set goals.


What goals can I set for myself?

An overview of the individual health goals with the associated subcategories is provided here:


  • Steps
  • Cardio minutes
  • Strength Training


  • Drinking enough
  • Fruit and vegetables
  • Sugar Free


  • Mindfulness
  • Mini-breaks
  • Wellness
  • Sleep


Take care of tomorrow's health today. Get prevention recommendations tailored to your age and gender with our personalised prevention target. 

For the goal of mindfulness, we encourage regular meditation in everyday life. For this, the app should be connected to a meditation app. For example, if the Apple Health tracker app is connected, it is necessary to connect the meditation app to Apple Health.

The following should be noted:

Notes and explanations on the use of the health targets:

  • The goals that you set start from the next day, so that the goal can be integrated into your daily life in a balanced way.
  • All fitness goals are automatically recorded via the fitness tracker or fitness app.
  • The goals Drinking enough, Fruits and vegetables, Sugar-free, Wellness, Sleep and Mini breaks have to be entered manually. This can be done directly on the start dashboard.
  • The goal of mindfulness is also tracked automatically. For this, the fitness tracker or app should be connected to a meditation app (e.g. Balloon).
  • For the cardio and strengthominutes and strength training should be done for at least 10 minutes at a time, so that the time is spent on the health goal.ewandt.
  • If you do yoga or Pilates and record it on your fitness tracker, you score twice. The accumulated training time applies to both the strength training goal and mindfulness.

We want to help integrate health-conscious behavior into life. However, the services and information offered by the Health Targets do not in any way constitute medical or medical advice.


The activity statistics

What are the activity statistics?

On the dashboard you will find the button "Activity statistics". This provides information about the activity status you have already achieved with the steps you have collected.

The status is based on the average number of steps taken over the last 7 days and can therefore change daily depending on performance.

The number of steps that constitute a status were determined by the health experts at YAS.life. They are based on the World Health Organization's recommendation to take about 10,000 steps a day.

The individual gradations can be viewed under the info button in the "Activity statistics".


Who can view my activity status?

The activity status can only be accessed by each individual and cannot be viewed by other users of the app. The status can also not be shared with other users of the app.


My data

What data is collected and what happens to the data? 

We adhere to the rules of data protection. We describe more about what data is collected and exactly how we handle it in the privacy policy of this app.


How and why do I create a profile in the app? 

Creating an app account is quite simple. It is recommended for backing up the collected activity data and points.

This is particularly helpful if the device with which the app is being used becomes inoperable or even gets lost. If a profile was previously created, you can simply continue to collect seamlessly in the newly downloaded app.

Create profile under "My Area" → "My Profile". For verification we need an e-mail address. Once the email address has been confirmed, the profile is now active.


Can I transfer my data to another device?

To transfer the data to another device, it is necessary to create an account on the old device. Now you can log in to the app with this account on any mobile device and the points and activities collected so far will be transferred seamlessly. 


Why do I have to give my e-mail address?

We use the e-mail address, for example, to send a new password, to send voucher codes for purchased rewards or to inform you about a raffle prize. 


What can I do if I have forgotten my password?

If the access data to the account have been lost, that is no problem at all. Simply click on "Login" and then on "Forgotten password". We will automatically send a new password to the e-mail address you entered before.


How can I delete my data?

If the use of the app is no longer of interest and the data should be completely deleted, this can be done under "My area" → "My profile" → "Delete account" in the app itself. All data collected up to this point will then be deleted. We then recommend uninstalling the app.



App version
Due to various updates and upgrades, the app has different versions. The installed app version can be found in the "My Area" section. You can check whether a new version is available in the App Store or Google Play Store.

Represents a search engine and therefore a program that can be used to view Internet pages (web pages) from the Internet. Examples of browsers are: Safari, Google Chrome, Firefox.

Means a representation on a screen area that is activated by a click.

A buffer memory that enables access to a background medium, for example an image stored in the background. This means that data is cached there for quick access again.

These are temporary sporting challenges that are available in the app. Depending on the type of challenge, the goal is to collect points, steps or activity minutes. Points are credited upon successful completion. To start a challenge, you need to actively press the participation button.

The Dashboard is the app's home page, the first visible screen after opening. It displays the current score and is the transition point to furthern categories of the app, such as Challenges, Rewards, or the Calendar.

The word feature refers to a function. For example, when we talk about a new feature, we mean a new function in the app.

Are graphical symbols for application programs, files, functions, etc. on the screen.

Means the introduction of a newly developed product or feature.

The term login means logging into the app.

Onboarding takes place at the beginning of the app usage and is the introduction to the different functionalities of the app.

Push notifications
Are notifications that appear on the smartphone without opening the respective app.

Within the app, you can find various so-called tabs, such as challenges or rewards.

Screen means the screen - start screen means the screen after starting the app.

The screenshot, or the screen copy.

Moving a representation that cannot be captured on the screen in its entirety, in sections, gradually on the screen.

Social media channels
The entirety of digital media such as social networks (e.g. Facebook/Instagram) and the like, through which people can communicate with each other and exchange content.

The update of the app. This brings the app "up to date". It can also be done manually by swiping down on the screen.

By track or tracking, we mean the recording of various data, such as steps or activities, collected by a connected tracker (e.g. Apple Health) and transferred to the app.

An update is an updated, improved version of our software. If an update is available, it is either loaded automatically or can be updated by downloading it from the App or Google Play Store.

User ID
The User ID is a personal identification number. You can find it in the section "My area".