Mental health in the workplace


Our mental health affects our ability to think, learn, work, nurture relationships, and participate in life. It controls whether we can deliver our best performance and whether we have the capacity to develop further. Consequently, promoting mental health in the workplace has a major impact on:

  • The well-being and satisfaction of the employees
  • as well as the success of the company

Is it worthwhile for companies to promote mental health?

Mental problems in employees cause measurable costs for companies, because:

  • Sick daysIf employees are not mentally well, they are sick more often. Mental health problems are the 2nd most common reason for sick leave in 2023.
  • Productivity losses: Mental stress causes us to be less productive. If we are not mentally well, we are less focused and alert, have less energy, and are more inclined to make impulsive rather than thoughtful decisions.
  • FluctuationMental problems can make employees more likely to quit. Studies show that employees are 3x more likely to quit if they have mental health issues.

Mental health as an employee benefit

An employee mental health benefit like Likeminded helps to prevent mental problems through suitable support formats and to provide rapid relief in acute cases such as burnout symptoms. This can prevent sick days and productivity losses and reduce the risk of fluctuation.

At the same time, a mental health platform can also help employees grow professionally and personally to reach their full potential:

  • Motivation and commitment: Studies show that when we are mentally well, this has a positive effect on our well-being, motivation and commitment.
  • Employee retentionIf we are mentally well, we are more likely to stay in our job. 65 % of users describe Likeminded as having a positive effect on their employee retention.
  • ResilienceWith mentally healthy employees, crises can be managed more easily. They can also cope better with change.

For example, Likeminded offers one-on-one coaching for personal development as well as group formats and digital exercises to build new behaviors to sustain mental well-being.

How HR & leaders benefit from mental health as a benefit.

For HR managers and leaders, a mental health benefit means they can gain deep expertise and additional skills to pass on to their team.

Often, a good solution also frees up capacity in the HR department, as employees with problems can be referred to qualified experts. In many cases, certain issues do not even arise, as the employees are provided with appropriate resources through the offers and psychological experts and are thus better able to deal with professional or private challenges.

In addition, special upskilling formats for HR and managers can empower and unburden them in today’s work environment. At Likeminded, this includes, for example:

  • A 4-part leadership training with accompanying individual coaching
  • HR Exchange Groups
  • Workshops on topics such as conflict management or feedback

5 steps to create a mentally healthy company

A good starting point is a survey among employees. Knowing the status quo of the team’s mental health helps to target the right areas and make change measurable.

When mental health is talked about openly in the company, the awareness of this topic increases. A good starting point to create awareness, for example, is ahealth dayor a webinar by a psychological expert.

With training courses and other upskilling formats, especially for executives and HR managers, you create skills in the area of mental health – for example, around the topic of stress management.

The list of possible activities is long. Therefore, start with a small selection. With professional mental health programs like those offered by Likeminded, you can personalize support measures to best pick up all employees.

Adjusts measures based on employee feedback. Likeminded also lets you measure your progress and achievements in mental health.

With YAS.beneFit and Likeminded to satisfied employees

Mental health in the workplace is critical to well-being, productivity and business success. Mental health problems lead to more sick days, lower productivity and higher fluctuation. A benefit like Likeminded offers support to overcome these issues and unlock the full potential of employees. Discover even more YAS.beneFit offers now that promote employee health and increase satisfaction at the same time


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