Our Mission

Our Mission


MAGNUM EST Digital Health GmbH was founded in 2016 by Dr Magnus Kobel. Under the name YAS.life, MAGNUM EST Digital Health GmbH develops digital applications for health insurance companies, insurance companies and enterprises in the field of health management and prevention. With Deutsche Rückversicherung AG as lead investor and our motivational app YAS, which is made available to B2B partners as a white label solution, we have already successfully positioned ourselves in the lifestyle sector of the digital health market. Our bonus program uses the gamification approach to help policyholders and employees integrate health-conscious behavior into their everyday lives and rewards preventive behavior such as exercise, fitness and measures for a healthy life with attractive premiums from the areas of nutrition, lifestyle and retirement planning. We always have our goal clearly in mind: Holistic health!
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Step by step with the YAS app.

We at YAS.life think step by step - step by step into a healthy life. We are convinced that digitalization will bring us all many new opportunities for more health. We want to open up these possibilities to everyone - playfully, creatively, and last but not least independently. We believe that staying fit and healthy should be easy - and above all it should be fun! For this purpose we have developed the YAS app and our bonus program, which we can customize individually for our customers.

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YAS.life at the Olympic Stadium
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Together for more healthy life years.

We want to maintain health and offer a motivation for more exercise in life. Integrating exercise and healthy behaviour into life and being rewarded for it - this is how we want to offer real added value that promotes health.

Healthy life years