Mental health as a benefit

Mental health as a valuable corporate advantage. Strengthen the mental well-being of your employees.

Our cooperation for mental support

Together with Likeminded we go one step further. We want to see a future where companies are committed to mental health and support their employees. That’s why we created the mental health package as part of YAS.beneFit. Contribute to the sustainable development of your employees and unleash their full potential.

"The goal is not just to be free of mental health problems, but to be able to live up to your full potential. This path to better mental well-being must be individual and flexible. That's why we offer personalized solutions."

Kimberly Breuer
Psychologist and Co-CEO, Likeminded

How Likeminded supports your employees

Mental health in the workplace

This will focus on conversation starters about mental health, internal and external resources and opportunities, and tips for promoting mental health at work.

Healthy and conscious leadership

Your employees can learn how to lead your team, in a healthy approach to themselves and connection to your team's needs and values.

Practice stress management & resilience

Likeminded provides tips and strategies to manage stressful situations and become more stress resilient. The goal is to better deal with challenges and changes.

Conduct difficult conversations

The point is to conduct challenging conversations in an appreciative and constructive manner. Your employees learn to communicate their own perspectives and expectations constructively.

This is how it works

Quick, easily and from anywhere: Your employees receive access to the Likeminded platform, where you can take advantage of various formats. These include one-on-one sessions with psychologists, group formats, and the media library. An individual strategy for personal goals is determined.

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various formats are currently available such as one-on-one meetings or various group sessions and on-demand formats

Mental health in the workplace

Is it worthwhile for companies to promote mental health? In this guest article from Likeminded, you’ll learn how to build a mentally healthy business and profit from it.

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