Our gamification features

We provide playful incentives for a healthy and active life. Discover our app features now!

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Our features make health fun

We are convinced that health should be fun. After all, only habits and routines that bring you joy become a permanent part of your everyday life. That’s why we’ve integrated features and gamification elements into our health app that provide enjoyment, impart knowledge, encourage and reward for success.

With these features we create awareness for more movement in everyday life, mindfulness, as well as healthy routines and thus maintain health. For more healthy years of our users.


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of users increase their daily physical activity


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of the insured who have received a bonus also use the app in the following year


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of our users inform themselves about content provided in the app

Inspiration and motivation in one

Why decide when you can do both? With our health app, we deliberately want to motivate at a low level so that extrinsic motivation turns into intrinsic impulses over time.

Compatible with all common operating systems

Our app connects with Google Fit and Apple Health. Popular fitness apps and trackers can also be synchronized via these operating systems.

Low effort, high profit

Save on your own development effort and benefit with a strong digital partner from a market-proven concept, fast processing by our team and an uncomplicated onboarding process, incl. Customer Support.

We know our target group

As an external service provider, we can optimize data-based incentives and provide aggregated evaluations to your health insurance company. Valuable data on customer behavior provides a foundation for your strategy and new healthcare services.

Our gamification features in detail


Health & Prevention
Incentives for daily activity through targets, incl. incentives for successful completion.

Health Goals

Health & Prevention
Users can set personalized and individual goals in areas such as nutrition, stress, etc.

Team Challenges

Health & Prevention
Promoting team spirit and a sense of togetherness by competing together in challenges with a chat function for social interaction.

Manual Activities

Health & Prevention
Motivation by manually entering and incentivising activities that are not recognised by fitness trackers (e.g. gardening).


Health & Prevention
Earning points through tracked activity via popular fitness trackers & apps, as well as by successfully completing challenges and quizzes.


Education & inspiration through relevant monthly articles on health and mindfulness. Promotion of selected content and services possible.


Users can learn more about health topics with exciting quizzes and earn extra points by taking part in interesting surveys.

Activity Statistics

Visualization of one's own progress, e.g. average steps walked, status of activity behavior and display of CO2 emissions saved.

Push Notifications

Activating messages with reminders of upcoming offers and starting challenges to increase the usage numbers.

Bonus Challenges

Integration of challenges into the bonus program for incentivizing or acquiring new customers.

Rewards/ Benefits

Vouchers and discounts from the areas of sports equipment, sports offers, nutrition, mindfulness and even more for health and daily activity.

Donation Challenges

Challenges with targets that, if successfully completed, are designed to achieve a fundraising goal.

Digital health solutions for your target group

statutory health insurers

Take the next step in digitizing your bonus program and provide additional incentives for your policyholders through BAS-compliant bonus challenges.

For private

Strengthen sales and customer loyalty by rewarding health-conscious behavior with high-quality rewards – in your existing portfolio or for new tariffs.


Create digital touchpoints with insureds before claims occur. This allows for the promotion of additional healthcare services as well as up-selling and cross-selling.


Offer your team digital step challenges as well as health-related benefits – all combined in our motivating apps.

Download the app now & try out the features for yourself!

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