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simple. everyone. healthy. – YAS.beneFit is the combination of a corporate health insurance (bKV) with corporate benefits from the categories sports, nutrition, mobility, mindfulness, mental health and much more.

The corporate health insurance that will excite your employees.  


Enthusiasm! Offer your employees a supplement insurance that makes them healthy.

3 in 1

Choose a benefit solution that covers all needs: Health, Lifestyle and Mental Health.


Become number one in the employer market by supporting the health of your employees.


YAS.beneFit - simple. everyone. healthy.

The healthy & digital benefit solution for your company

YAS.beneFit – our benefit solution for employers who want to motivate and reward their employees for healthy living.

YAS.beneFit combines three packages: a corporate health insurance (bKV) that includes a health budget to cover additional health costs plus corporate benefits from many categories (e.g. sport, nutrition, mental health) and a motivating gamification concept for a healthy lifestyle – all in one app.

How YAS.beneFit works

Would you like to put together a customized digital benefit solution for your company? Put together the right combination for your company by choosing from the three packages. We’re happy to help you.

Health Budget

A corporate health insurance (bKV) covers additional costs prescribed by a doctor (e.g. glasses, dental cleaning).

Lifestyle Budget

A supplementary budget for health-conscious
and sustainable corporate benefits (e.g. fitness trackers).

Mental Health

Expanded offer for improved mental well-being in your company.

Discover more details about our healthy employee benefit solution now.

The Health budget (bKV) - employer-funded and flexible

Insure your employees in a corporate health insurance (bKV) that includes a health budget that increases with usage. Your employees receive an annual budget for reimbursement of health care services, such as new glasses or dental prophylaxis. With Hallesche’s corporate health insurance (bKV), you benefit from a group rate. This means: no waiting period and the insurance is provided without risk assessment or exclusion of pre-existing conditions. Learn now how exactly a corporate health insurance (bKV) works and how you and your team can benefit.

Lifestyle Budget - the salary extra for your employees

Give your employees a budget that helps them implement a healthy lifestyle with lasting effects. Combine all your employee’s benefit wishes in one offer – with popular corporate benefits from the categories of sports, nutrition, mindfulness and environmentally conscious mobility. Improve your benefit offering and reduce your administrative efforts.

Mental Health Package - for improved mental well-being

Go one step further – help your employees reach their full potential and expand your benefit offer. Strengthen and improve mental well-being with the Mental Health package from our partner Likeminded.

Your free corporate benefit analysis

Do you want to make your company a top employer? Find out how your employee benefit program is – in less than 1 minute.

This is how employers and employees benefit at the same time:


Incentivize your employees within the tax-free non-cash benefit limit of € 50 and invest in a corporate health insurance for your employees. Advantage of bKV: You pay about half of the amount that your employees have for reimbursing their health care costs.


Employees save cash on costs that help them maintain and promote their health. This way, they benefit from a salary extra with exclusive benefits that fit their individual lifestyle.


Optimize your benefit islands and save yourself the hassle of extra work. Instead of individual invoices for each employee and benefit, we invoice everything at once on a monthly basis.


In the health app YAS.beneFit, which we make available to you and your employees free of charge, your employees have an overview of budgets and benefits.


Differentiate yourself in the competition for the best professionals with a strong benefit solution. At the same time, benefit from fewer sick days while increasing productivity in the company.


A healthy daily routine. By offering a health-promoting program, you strengthen employee loyalty to your company and enable your employees to achieve a better work-life balance.

What Employees say about YAS.beneFit

"With the YAS.beneFit app, we give the team health benefits for individual use. The app is uncomplicated and individual, digitally redeemable, flexible, incl. smart accounting of all benefits for all employees!"

Dr. Magnus Kobel
Founder & CEO

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statutory health insurers

Take the next step in digitizing your bonus program and provide additional incentives for your policyholders through bonus challenges.

For private

Strengthen sales and customer loyalty by rewarding health-conscious behavior with high-quality rewards – in your existing portfolio or for new tariffs.


Create digital touchpoints with insured before claims occur. This allows for the promotion of additional healthcare services as well as up-selling and cross-selling.


Offer your team digital step challenges as well as health-related benefits – all combined in our motivating apps.

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