Our offer for the digitalization of your bonus program

We provide you with an app that includes features for digital behavioral prevention. Use this platform to motivate and reward your insured to exercise more, comply with preventive check-ups or adopt healthy behaviors in everyday life.

This is how you benefit from the digital bonus program for your policyholders:

Reduce health care costs

With our solution you offer uncomplicated health prevention. Help your insured to prevent cases of illness.

Digital touchpoint

Use the app as a platform for customer engagement and to promote healthcare services.

Valuable insights

Gain valuable insights into the activity patterns and needs of your target audience.

Our all-in-one service

From the development of the app to customer service - we take care of a smooth process.

This is how YAS.bonus works:
A healthier life through gamification and nudging

Healthy behavior through gamification

Steps become points. Your policyholders can be rewarded by their daily activity. There are various possibilities to get even more points through playful elements, such as challenges. This makes exercise fun and integrates it into everyday life with lasting effects. An app that keeps you healthy.

Your design - Our features

Within a few weeks, we can create a white label app customized for you and integrate it into your rewards program. The app appears in your corporate design. Additionally, choose your desired features from our portfolio.

Get the best
offer for you!

Digital health solutions for your target group

statutory health insurers

Take the next step in digitizing your bonus program and provide additional incentives for your policyholders through bonus challenges.

For private

Strengthen sales and customer loyalty by rewarding health-conscious behavior with high-quality rewards – in your existing portfolio or for new tariffs.


Create digital touchpoints with insured before claims occur. This allows for the promotion of additional healthcare services as well as up-selling and cross-selling.


Offer your team digital step challenges as well as health-related benefits – all combined in our motivating apps.

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