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This is how employee retention works – offer your employees benefits that are as individual as your team. In our health app YAS.beneFit we present benefits from renowned partners that meet our high quality standards. With the lifestyle budget your employees can choose benefits that help them shape their everyday and working lives in a healthy way. This way you benefit from healthy employees and increased team satisfaction.


Balanced, delicious and varied dishes for every taste. HelloFresh gives your employees the opportunity to simply eat healthy. Promote the joy of sustainable eating.

Richtig WiSSEN

Knowledge – but right! The Richtig WiSSEN online platform gives your employees access to online courses with comprehensive information on family life and much more.


Help your team stay fit for the challenges of everyday life. With fitnessRAUM.de’s online fitness courses, the right offer is available for every goal and every age group.


The health benefits of yoga are as divers as YogaEasy’s offerings. Whether beginner or advanced – there is something for every level.


The right hardware for tracking fitness results. With GARMIN, your employees benefit from high-quality lifestyle technology that promotes exercise and makes health measurable.


Create more diversity and space for exchange in your company. With Babbel, your employees can learn a new language quickly and easily.


Medication and care products delivered directly to your home. GoPuls is the online pharmacy with advice just like on-site, only faster, easier and with a large selection of products.


Healthy mueslis and snacks with natural vitamins and minerals. There is something for every taste: from fudgy, nutty to chocolaty or even for all dietary styles.


Not enough fruits and vegetables at home? That’s no longer an excuse. With etepetete’s organic boxes, healthy fruits & vegetables can be delivered to your home on a regular basis.

Call a Bike by DB

Deutsche Bahn’s nationwide bikesharing service. Active in 80 cities with over 13.000 rental bikes. Get from A to B quickly and easily with Call a Bike.

Urban Sports Club

Discover the most versatile sports and wellness offer in Europe! With Urban Sports Club, your employees get access to first-class gyms with over 50 different sports, wellness offers and flexible activities that they can enjoy anytime, anywhere.

and much more

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With a Benefit Partnership you benefits on different levels. Through our exclusive placements, you can increase your reach, create more customer trust and boost your sales.

Together we will find the right package for you and your brand. Feel free to contact us. We are always happy about new partnerships!

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Identical to the health budget, you as a company select an annual budget per employee. The amount ranges from €300 to €1,500. Your employees can download our app from the app stores and redeem their budget at our selected benefit partners, in the form of vouchers or free memberships. The available budget amount can be seen directly on the app’s dashboard. As an additional highlight, our app connects to all popular fitness trackers and offers health-promoting incentives through the interface, i.e. activity statistics, team challenges, as well as tips and quizzes on health topics.

Points earned in the “YAS.beneFit” app via activity and fitness can be converted into budget worth money. For example, 1000 points can become an amount credited as a lifestyle budget of €5. For a better estimation: For 10.000 steps taken and tracked, you get 10 points in our app. Please note: Even when points are converted into a monetary amount, you as the employer do not pay more. The utilization rate of the total lifestyle budget is not 100 %, thus the newly gained budget is financed through points by the group.

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