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An individual solution for your employees or insured. Our products help through gamification to a healthier everyday life and more satisfaction.

Digital health solutions for insurance companies and corporates

Combine preventive health care with a digital bonus program – individually tailored to the needs of your target group. Our team looks back on years of experience in Germany and many European markets.

We will be happy to advise you and find the best solution for your needs!

Take the next step in digitizing your bonus program and provide additional incentives for your policyholders through bonus challenges.

Strengthen sales and customer loyalty by rewarding health-conscious behavior with high-quality rewards – in your existing portfolio or for new tariffs.

Create digital touchpoints with insureds before claims occur. This allows for the promotion of additional healthcare services as well as up-selling and cross-selling.

Offer your team digital step challenges as well as health-related benefits – all combined in our motivating apps.


YAS.beneFit - simple. everyone. healthy.

The healthy & digital benefit solution for your business

YAS.beneFit – our benefit solution for employers who want to motivate and reward their employees for healthy living.

YAS.beneFit combines corporate health insurance with a health budget to cover additional health costs with corporate benefits from many categories (e.g. sport, nutrition, mental health) with a motivating gamification concept for a healthy lifestyle – all in one app.

How YAS.beneFit works

Would you like to put together a customized digital benefit solution for your company? Choose from these three packages, the right combination for your company. We will be happy to help you.

Health Budget

Corporate health insurance covers additional costs prescribed by a doctor (e.g. glasses, dental cleaning).

Lifestyle Budget

A supplementary budget for health-conscious
and sustainable corporate benefits (e.g. fitness trackers).

Mental Health

Expanded offer to strengthen and improve mental well-being.

Discover more about our unique healthy employee benefits solution now.

From concept to
white label app

Together, we develop the digital solution customized for your requirements. The white label app will be created in your corporate design with individually tailored features. The result: a health companion solution adapted to your target group.

Your advantages with our
health companion app

The YAS.life concept motivates your target group to lead a health-conscious lifestyle.

The white-label version customized for you can be implemented within a few weeks and does not require any of your company’s IT resources.

YAS.life offers a
full service package.
Besides the technical
app development
we take care of
all tasks for the
app operation, e.g.
contents, customer service
and reward partner management.

With the YAS.life concept, we create digital touchpoints for the placement of brand-specific content in the relevant environment of your target group, as well as the possibility of up- and cross-selling.

Every step counts! Just 10,000 steps a day are enough to prolong life in the long term.

The animation shows the relationship between physical activity (steps) and health (beating heart). Regular exercise has a high preventive benefit with regard to common diseases (e.g. diabetes mellitus type 2, cardiovascular disease and cancer). The WHO (World Health Organization) advises at least 150-300 min of activity per week, which is equivalent to about 10,000 steps.

Our YAS.life solution in use

Our products have already been launched in various versions and successfully integrated into the customer relationship. Usage statistics show significant increases in activity after launch.

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