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Use bonus challenges to motivate insureds to live healthy lives and create real added value. We will show you how we have integrated our digital solution into the mhplus bonus program.

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Case Study

about the “mhplus move” app

In 2018, YAS.life was one of the winners of the Healthy Hub competition, which was held by five health insurance companies under the slogan “We’ll get you into SHI.” Together with mhplus Krankenkasse, we subsequently developed a white label version of the YAS app, which was integrated into mhplus’ existing bonus program “fitcash” as a prevention offer.

Special challenges of the "mhplus move" app


The app is intended to inspire insured persons and motivate them to exercise more and adopt health-conscious behavior in the long term.

Digital prevention

Bonus programs are regulated by the Social Security Code. Digital prevention via an app must meet these requirements.


Development of a white label solution that is expandable and scalable, as well as bringing out individual characteristics of the mhplus health insurance company.

Our solution: The MoveChallenges for more motivation

We have developed bonus challenges that can be integrated as a measure in the bonus system of a health insurance company. The mhplus health insurance company has made these particularly attractive for its policyholders under the term “MoveChallenges”. Over a longer period of time, the bonus challenges encourage exercise and activation in everyday life. In addition, informative content on topics such as health, fitness and prevention is taught in a playful way. For successful participation in the “MoveChallenges”, mhplus policyholders are rewarded by their health insurance company with an attractive monetary benefit.

The result


New target groups are reached for a bonus program and an additional digital prevention measure is offered for all insured persons.


The digital and playful concept of the YAS app has been proven to motivate different target groups to exercise more and thus fulfills the purpose of a preventive measure.


The app creates digital touchpoints through which health insurers can communicate other relevant content to policyholders.

Additional incentive through the YAS concept

In addition to the bonus challenges, the proven YAS concept is included: daily exercise and sporting activities are rewarded with points that can be exchanged for rewards. In addition, there will be other challenges with raffle prizes. This additionally ensures the long-term loyalty of the insured and increases the general attractiveness of the offer.

Unsere YAS-App.

Reward partner for a healthy life

With our reward portfolio from the areas of fitness, health and nutrition, mhplus move offers a wide range of brands and partners that support and shape a healthy life.

What users say:

YAS.life for your company

Offer your target group digital health prevention as part of their bonus program. Encourage exercise and a healthy lifestyle. We will find a suitable solution: whether for statutory health insurance companies, private insurance companies or as part of company health management.

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