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Our Corporate Benefit Analysis from YAS.beneFit provides valuable insights into the needs of your employees as well as your role as an employer. We enable you to create customised benefit solutions. This way companies increase their recruitement sucess and attract first-class talent. With YAS.beneFit, employers invest in the future of their company and profit from a win-win situation for everyone involved.

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Answer 7 to 9 short questions about your benefit program.


Our experts evaluate your answers.


You will receive your individual evaluation within 2 to 3 working days.

Why are corporate benefits so

Employee retention and motivation

Company advantages, such as health benefits, pension plans and further training opportunities, help to retain employees in the long term and increase their motivation. Employees who know that their employer supports them and provides access to important benefits are more likely to commit to your company and stay with for a long time.

Competitiveness in the labor market

In a highly competitive labor market, operational advantages can be a decisive factor in attracting talented professionals. Companies that offer attractive benefits often have a competitive advantage in recruiting and get the best talents to sign contracts. This helps to increase the quality of your team structure and to promote innovation in your company.

Low effort, high profit

Save on your own development effort and benefit with a strong digital partner with a market-proven concept. With us you also get a fast processing by our team and uncomplicated onboarding process including. Customer Support.

Invest in the future of your company with YAS.beneFit and benefit from a strong, motivated workforce that will remain loyal to you in the long term!

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