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Kinesio taping - The Revolution in Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation


In recent years, the world of sports medicine and rehabilitation has evolved rapidly. One of the most groundbreaking developments in this field is kinesio taping, a method that is becoming increasingly popular not only among athletes but also among patients undergoing physiotherapy treatment. This article is about the functions of kinesio taping, what to look for when taping the foot, knee and shoulder, and how to easily get reimbursed for the costs incurred for kinesio taping treatment.

What is kinesio taping?

Kinesio taping is a common and fully accepted method both in competitive sports and among recreational athletes to relieve muscle pain, tension and swelling. Kinesio tape differs from conventional tapes by its elasticity and special application technique. It is made of cotton fabric, which is stretchy and breathable. The tape is applied to the skin and can be stretched up to 140 % of its original length, making it ideal for supporting movement. It can be used for knee taping, foot taping and shoulder taping.

Functions of kinesio taping

Whether taping the foot, taping the shoulder, or taping the knee, Kinesio tape stimulates muscle contractions, lymphatic flow, and joint function in the specific areas where it is applied. Compared to other bandages, a k-tape bandage does not restrict movement and is even more effective when in motion. This is because the stretchy strips exert traction on the upper layers of the skin, resulting in more blood flow and lymphatic flow. The application of the elastic, colorful (according to kinesiology color theory, red tones have a stimulating effect and blue tones have a cooling effect, beige and black have a neutral effect) adhesive strips or tapes should be skilful, which is why physiotherapists and doctors are certainly the optimal choice.

By applying the tape in certain patterns and tensions, various goals can be achieved:

  1. Pain relief: Kinesio taping can reduce pain by decreasing tension on painful muscles or joints and increasing blood flow.
  2. Support and stabilization: It can stabilize and support joints without restricting movement. This is especially useful for sports injuries or injury prevention.
  3. Lymphatic drainage: Due to the special application technique, the tape can help reduce swelling by improving lymphatic drainage.
  4. Promote muscle function: Kinesio taping can stimulate the activity of weakened muscles and improve coordination.

Self-application: taping knee, foot, shoulder

Taping yourself or a loved one can be difficult and is not always recommended. Especially if there is no experience with knee, foot or shoulder taping, an appropriate professional should be consulted. The limited anatomical knowledge and insufficient knowledge about trigger points and the lack of experience with the kinesio taping method can lead to the wrong and inefficient application. Depending on the complaint, different taping methods must be applied, which require special knowledge. Therefore, if there is any uncertainty about which technique should be used for foot, shoulder or knee taping and how to apply it, a specialist should always be consulted to ensure proper application.

Taping foot and ankle

Foot taping with Kinesio tape requires different techniques depending on where the discomfort is located. For example, the ankle can be taped, the Achilles tendon or the heel. A correct application of the kinesio tape method on the foot according to the specific complaint is crucial to achieve the right effect.

Knee taping

Kinesio tape knee taping can help relieve pain, provide stability and maintain range of motion. Similar to foot taping, there are also different techniques for taping the knee. For example, the back of the knee, the inside of the knee, but also the entire knee can be taped. Again, pay attention to the specific complaint and apply the tape technique that assists with the specific complaint.

Shoulder taping

There are also different options for shoulder taping. For example, the shoulder can be taped in general, but also the neck area or the rotator cuff. Depending on the complaint, the appropriate kinesio tape technique should be applied.

Reimbursement of costs with corporate health insurance

With a corporate health insurance, you can not only have the costs incurred for treatment with kinesio tape reimbursed, but also the costs of many other services that alleviate or prevent complaints! A clear win-win situation for employers and employees: employers benefit from healthy employees, and employees from an attractive offer that covers their (treatment) costs and promotes their health. With YAS.beneFit – the benefit solution for companies – corporate health insurance is combined with a lifestyle and mental health offering, creating even more health for everyone. Learn more now!


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