Specialist appointments through company health insurance - efficient and accessible


With its corporate health insurance (bKV), Hallesche Krankenversicherung offers a comprehensive solution to specialist appointmentsto organise specialist appointments efficiently and easily Instead of arranging specialist appointments via the health insurance an exclusive appointment service can be used, making access to medical care considerably easier.

Specialist appointments via health insurance

The Appointment Service and Care Law was passed in 2019. One aim of this was to achieve a faster specialist appointmentavailable in less than 4 weeks. But there is still room for improvement at the appointment service centres of the associations of statutory health insurance physicians. To this day, a common problem for people with statutory health insurance is getting an appointment with a specialist through their health insurance provider in a timely manner. According to Stiftung Warentest, 34% of those with statutory health insurance still wait 3 weeks for an appointment. It is not uncommon for complaints to be ignored, making secondary or long-term illnesses more likely. There is therefore still an urgent need to to shorten the time available for specialist appointments.

How to find specialist appointments online

Digitalisation has also reached the healthcare sector, and more and more specialists are offering the option of making appointments online. This approach makes it much easier for patients to find a specialist appointment without having to appear in person at the practice. By using this online option, waiting times can be shortened and the search for appointments made more efficient.

Specialist appointments as a benefit of corporate health insurance

Corporate health insurance presents itself as a promising alternative to avoid the difficult route via health insurance. Companies that offer such insurance policies enable their employees to gain faster access to medical specialists. This can not only promote employee health, but also increase productivity in the workplace by avoiding long periods of absence.

With the help of an additional specialist employees can get an appointment with a specialist more quickly without having to rely on the limited capacities of regular health insurance. Companies that offer their employees this type of insurance are setting an example of a caring corporate culture and helping to increase employee satisfaction.

No appointment with a specialist?

For many people it is frustrating not to get an appointment with a specialist , especially when it comes to urgent health issues. The greatest demand is for psychotherapy, ophthalmologists, neurologists and internists. There is no doubt about the urgency for specialist appointment in these areas. Occupational health insurance offers a practical solution to this problem by facilitating access to specialists and significantly reducing waiting times. Employees who benefit from this insurance can rely on faster and more efficient healthcare.


Waiting four weeks for aspecialist appointment is not necessary. The corporate health insurance is an attractive option to avoid the challenges of making appointments with specialists via the regular health insurance scheme. With additional benefits such as the ability to make specialist appointments online corporate health insurance helps to make healthcare more efficient and accessible for employees. With additional benefits such as the option of making specialist appointments online, company health insurance helps to make healthcare more efficient and accessible for employees.


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