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To the tapes, ready, go. With the colorful powerbands from Let’s Bands the training goals are no longer limited.

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No more desire for weightlifting? Then now is the right time to switch to resistance bands from Let’s Bands. With them, you can train even more creatively and even more effectively than before. Whether endurance or strength training, body shaping, fat burning or targeted muscle building. The offer from Let’s Bands is as versatile as the training itself. Thanks to different strengths of the bands, both beginners and experienced athletes can go beyond their limits. And that at any place and at any time. No more big bulky gym bags full of sports gear. The powerbands are small and lightweight and can be taken anywhere. With the powerbands you always have the gym in your pocket, sort of, and can stay active even on vacation or business trips. Due to the different possibilities of use, you can always find a suitable exercise with the elastic band. from offers practical combinations of tapes of different thicknesses and variations. In these sets, the elastic bands are perfectly matched. Whether the goal is general activation and stabilization of the muscles, or a targeted workout. For example, how about the Lady set for conscious training of the abdomen, legs and buttocks? For those who prefer to customize their workouts, there is a wide selection of individual elastic bands: MINI BANDS for targeted workouts, MAX BANDS for extensive full-body workouts, FLEX BANDS, also called therabands, are the most flexible and therefore extremely versatile, FLOSS BANDS are ideal for getting started and are gentle on injuries, and TUBES have handy handles making workouts more comfortable. The sophisticated all-round concept of Let’s Bands of product, instruction and advanced training ensures a unique training experience. With the Online Gym, there are additionally countless workouts developed by sports experts that are optimally tailored to any type of powerband and training goal.

Let's Bands at YAS.life

Not enough space for an extensive workout at home? Effective training is possible with Let’s Bands even in the smallest of spaces. The resistance bands allow for a workout that is both varied and challenging. The targeted resistance of the bands catapults the workout to whole new levels. Get a discount on powerbands from Let’s Bands now with YAS.life and achieve faster, better workout goals.

Flexible training with YAS.life

At some point exercising can get boring, constantly the same exercise equipment and no progress. With the powerbands from from you can bring new momentum to your workouts. They are available in different colors and varieties and allow a new kind of training. The possibilities for a training session with the elastic bands are endless. With a wide variety of exercises, every workout can be a new experience. Do you want to train a specific muscle group? No problem. Thanks to the versatile application possibilities of the powerbands, muscles can also be stressed that would otherwise be neglected.

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