Strength, endurance, coordination. With the equipment from TRX the training possibilities are unlimited. Start the effective sling training now and reach your goal faster.

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TRX is a top supplier of equipment for a very special type of training: sling training. But what does TRX? It stands for “total resistance exercise”, exercises with resistance. This workout is about using the resistance of your own body weight to build up high intensity in your workout. Sling training is one of the most effective forms of training in the world. Something other than dumbbells and weights for a change. At TRX there are innovative training devices that promise durability and stability thanks to the high quality. They are an excellent companion for an active life. What exactly is trained with the slings? Especially strength and stabilization exercises, as well as training for the cardiovascular system can be done with the TRX TRX. The slings are extremely flexible and can be used virtually in any direction. This allows for greater range of motion than traditional types of training and can work muscle groups that are otherwise neglected, such as deep muscles and smaller muscles. TRX TRX other training accessories: mats, kettlebells, exercise balls and skipping ropes with weights give the functional training an upgrade. The versatile range includes a wide variety of sling variations, with which up to 300 different exercises can be performed. The equipment always allows for new challenges, which makes training with TRX never boring, neither for beginners nor for professionals. In addition, they are easy to transport, so it can be trained anywhere and at any time. Perfect for getting enough exercise, despite busy schedules.

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Train even more innovatively and intensively with TRX. Whether it’s a full body workout or a targeted workout. With the training equipment from TRX there are no limits to the training. They are lightweight, fit in any pocket and are extremely versatile. With, secure a discount on TRX products now and get off to a sporty start.

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What is sling training all about? These are belt systems with loops and handles. In training, the resistance of your own body weight is used, which increases the intensity enormously compared to other types of training. Thanks to the many different exercise options, TRX products can be used to train from head to toe. They can be used both lying down and standing up, and they work equally well no matter in which direction the movements take place. Constant repetition of the same exercise can become boring and in the worst case leads to the fact that the motivation to exercise suffers. Sling training is ideal here because it provides a lot of variety in the workout. Even with small movements, the training can be varied and optimized again and again. Especially smaller muscle groups, muscles close to the joints and muscle chains are activated by training with the belts. But also goals such as weight reduction, muscle building, fitness improvement and body building training can be effectively achieved through the “total resistance exercises”. In addition to versatility, sling training has another advantage: intensity. A full body workout can be completed in as little as 20 minutes. Because unlike other workouts, this one targets entire muscle chains instead of individual isolated muscles. This allows the training goals to be achieved even faster and more effectively.

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