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Go plastic-free and protect the planet with alternative products.

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gaia has a clear goal: to reduce plastic. In return, they offer sustainable everyday helpers that are neither packaged in plastic nor contain (micro-) plastic. Their focus is on replacing conventional cling film. Mostly it is used for packing snacks and breakfasts, or to keep food fresh longer. gaia shows that this can also be done differently. As an alternative, they produce organic beeswax cloths for multiple use in their manufacture in Hamburg. For this, only certified ingredients are used that do not harm the environment, such as organic cotton from fair projects and high quality organic beeswax from Austria. The beeswax towels are available in many different designs and are therefore also ideal for gift giving. Furthermore gaia offers plastic-free sponges for cleaning and rinsing, or even for showering. They are made from completely plant-based materials such as wood cellulose, coconut fibre and agave plants. Furthermore gaia supports the sustainable lifestyle while shopping with their practical organic bags and pouches. This way, your shopping comes home safe and plastic-free. For all starters in the field of sustainability at gaiayou can also get the “zero Plastic Box” for the kitchen including soap, sponges, straws and much more.

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gaia wants to show with its products how easy it can be to replace plastic in everyday life. It doesn’t take much at all: Beeswax cloth instead of cling film and loofah instead of plastic sponge. Take small steps towards sustainability now, and get a discount on gaia ‘s alternative everyday helpers with

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Most of the time, we don’t even realize how many plastic-containing items we use every day. Microplastics in particular are often overlooked, yet this type of plastic is a major threat to our oceans, our planet and our own health. A worrying amount of plastic can already be detected in rivers, drinking water, food and even in the air. Fortunately, society is gradually rethinking the consumption of plastics. There are more and more sustainable trends, eco-friendly companies and products that we can use to make our everyday lives a little greener. gaia supports interested parties in this, especially in the kitchen. How does gaia do this? By producing all their products plastic-free and shipping them climate neutrally. In addition, from the origin of the products to shipping, attention is paid to sustainability and climate neutrality. Ingredients such as the coconut fibers are sourced from India, with attention paid to good working conditions and fair payment. In addition, some products such as loofah sponges are 100 % biodegradable. Organic sponges, plastic-free soaps and sustainable bags are the new kitchen standards. Perfectly rounded off with the organic beeswax paper. It keeps food fresh for a long time and can even be used several times. gaia has so far been able to save 15,000 m² of plastic film by selling its alternatives to conventional products containing plastic.

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