Boost your attitude to life with Pilates, no matter when, no matter where.

This is pilaMe

No time to go to the gym regularly? No problem, pilaME has the solution: online personal training from home.

pilaME offers a variety of sports courses developed by professional Pilates instructors and physiotherapists. They are certified as prevention courses, so 80 % to 100 % of the costs can be covered by health insurance.

In the offer everyone will find the optimal course for their fitness goals. The exercises are simply explained and are equally suitable for beginners and professionals. They offer the chance to increase well-being and be regularly active in sports. The individual training sessions build on each other, making your own progress clear. Milestones like these can boost motivation tremendously. For optimal individual success, increases and repetitions can also be selected by the user.

Get off the couch and into the workout. The online courses from pilaME always offer varied exercises and content. This means that a boring, sluggish daily routine will soon be a thing of the past. PS: With the online courses it is possible to exercise even on vacation and maintain continuity.

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We would like to offer support for an active everyday life. With pilaME it is quite easy to integrate more exercise and sport. In the courses, muscles and stability are built up and the users are introduced to and supported in an all-round vital life. Now online Pilates at pilaME and receive a free towel for your next training session.

With pilaME to a more active life

Choose courses flexibly and get started. At pilaME courses don’t start just anywhere, but already at the warm-up. Proper warming before sports activities ensures that our muscles are better and faster supplied with blood, oxygen and nutrients. The offer includes the right courses for all fitness goals and situations. Mothers in particular benefit from the courses “Mamas starke Mitte” and “Pilates mit Babybauch”. No one should feel under or over challenged, so there are full body workouts as well as “Power Pilates” classes with powerful exercises. The focus is on having fun. Without it, our motivation quickly wanes and the sport becomes more and more irregular. With additional material worth knowing, course participants can educate themselves further, because those who understand why certain exercises can increase well-being and what causes pain approach the sport with more conscientiousness. The goal is not to simply train, but to understand, learn and implement. Thanks to the background knowledge acquired, no questions remain unanswered at the end. Additional tips and motivational supports also help to raise awareness for an active everyday life. The physical benefits of sports and especially Pilates classes are huge. Especially the mobility is promoted by the exercises, so we remain flexible until old age. It can also prevent chronic diseases. In the courses of pilaME the body is trained evenly. No muscle group gets a raw deal. This improves our posture and stability. By combining meditation sessions and sports exercises, participants develop a better body awareness and find their inner center.

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