Drinking meals completely according to individual taste and individually tailored to fitness goals.

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A balanced diet is of great importance for health. Saturo makes it easy and offers a wide variety of meals to drink and mix yourself. On top of that, a lot of time can be saved, especially on stressful days, as time-consuming food preparation and cooking can be eliminated. Instead, a delicious drinkable meal can be consumed that is rich in protein, vitamins and minerals and that has been developed based on sound nutritional knowledge. The products of Saturo thus give everything you need for a balanced and healthy diet. So nutrition can take you to the next level. Perfect for an active and health-conscious lifestyle.

Easily take your favorite flavored drink with you wherever you go and enjoy it, for example, in the office or even on the way there. Quite flexible and perfectly suited for a hectic everyday life to create a healthy balance. The drinking meals of Saturo can be easily incorporated into the routine and are therefore child’s play to integrate into everyday life. In addition there are the products of Saturo in tetrapaks and powder form and you stay full for up to 5 hours! A self-test helps quite easily to find out which ingredients and which drinking meal optimally fit the needs. This allows goals to be reached even faster!

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Some days, the schedule is bursting at the seams. It goes from one meeting to the next and then straight to sports. Sometimes there is hardly any time for a balanced meal. Saturo Offers nutritious, wholesome meals to go. Instead of eating lots of unhealthy snacks to satisfy hunger, just reach for the ready-made hydration meal and get back on track. Thus, supports a balanced diet with a discount on the entire order.

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A healthy lifestyle includes not only sufficient exercise, but also a balanced diet. The right nutrients provide energy and help achieve individual fitness goals. And that’s where Saturo comes in! Each meal from Saturo contains valuable ingredients that provide the best possible support in achieving the goals. For example, oats provide large amounts of fiber for long satiety and healthy digestion. If the goal is to build muscles and strengthen them, pea protein helps to achieve the goal optimally. The material used in the products of Saturo contained rice protein provides additional vitamins, minerals and essential amino acids and thus keeps healthy and fit. This makes it easier, for example, to reach the dream weight or maintain the current weight. No matter what the goal – Saturo supports along the way.

Attention is also paid to a vegan or vegetarian diet. It can be freely selected which dietary style suits best.

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