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Lotuscrafts offers a versatile range of sustainable yoga and meditation accessories. For example, how about a new yoga block or yoga mat for your next yoga session? In addition to high quality accessories, Lotuscrafts also offers comfortable clothes that are ideal for yoga movements. So that no pinching or pressing seam distracts from relaxing exercises anymore. For a perfect inner peace, there are also accessories for meditation. The meditation cushions and mats provide a comfortable surface to let the thoughts free and serenity comes. The products should create a kind of connection with the self and the environment, nature. The sleek, modern design puts the focus completely on the exercises without distracting with a lot of ornamentation. Like yoga itself, design is about mindfulness and focusing on the essentials. The earthy, muted color scheme further promotes harmony with nature. The products are all fair trade, organic and plastic free. Lotuscrafts even offsets the CO₂ emissions generated during production to give even more back to the environment. In this way, you are even a little closer to nature with products from Lotuscrafts.

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The positive effects of yoga and meditation offer the optimal balance to the stressful everyday life. For those who want to take advantage of the moments of tranquility to release tension through spiritual guidance, exercises and special breathing techniques, the products at Lotuscrafts are just right. Lotuscrafts supports the healing effects of yoga and meditation with sustainable accessories and the right clothing. On the order at Lotuscrafts there are discounts with which all can start the next yoga or meditation session well equipped.

With YAS.life to inner peace

More and more people develop the need for inner peace and serenity. No wonder, because our world is becoming more and more hectic. But if you have stressful days, you should also allow yourself quiet days to recharge your batteries. A more serene approach to life is best achieved through yoga and meditation. The movement sequences in yoga serve to relax tense or even cramped areas of the body. Mobility is promoted and important muscle groups such as the back muscles are strengthened. A relaxed body is the basis for a balanced life. Now a balanced mind is still missing. Meditation works wonders here. There are many different variations of meditation. Alone or in a group, in the morning or in the evening. The only important thing is that the stream of thoughts in our heads is sorted in the process. There should be a focus on what is essential in life, which trains mindfulness. Who would not like to be able to breathe deeply and relax? To counteract unrest and become happier in life, we need to do something good for ourselves every now and then, especially in today’s accelerated times, and bring calm to everyday life.

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