Fermented vegetables, free from additives and preservatives. But full of good ingredients for a better well-being.

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Thanks to completeorganics it’s easy to get more vegetables and thus lots of healthy nutrients on your plate. Varied and fermented. Stop stop! Fermented? Yes, read correctly. At completeorganics, the raw vegetables are fermented according to traditional methods, whereby bacteria convert the carbohydrates from the vegetables into lactic acid and thus preserve them. Full of nutrients and vitamins, the products from completeorganics support a healthy life. Especially our intestines can benefit from this. The intestinal microbiome can be upset by a wide variety of influences, such as stress, antibiotics, smoking and alcohol. The fermented vegetables naturally rebalance the intestinal flora. Ready for an exciting plant-based diet? At completeorganics there are different flavors and recipe ideas, such as ginger-carrot or cabbage with cranberry. Asian blends like the popular kimchi or turmeric kale are also great as a side dish for lunch, a topping on bread, and even a topping for burgers and pizza. completeorganics can be integrated into everyday life from morning to evening. A health-promoting vegetable shot in the morning, fermented vegetables as a side dish at lunchtime, and spicy sauces and dips for small snacks to relax on the couch in the evening. Not only delicious, but beneficial for the intestines and digestion.

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At completeorganics organic vegetables are fermented according to traditional methods in a manufactory in Munich. At the same time, it remains free of additives and is full of nutrients and healthy bacteria. They support the intestinal microbiome, they can improve digestion and thus contribute to a better attitude to life. The umami taste experience makes the fermented vegetables the ideal companion for any kind of food and snack. For a healthy gut and a varied diet, simply take advantage of when you place your next order with completeorganics.

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Some fermented foods we all know, for example wine, sauerkraut and yogurt. They have one thing in common: the sugar they contain is converted by bacteria, fungi or enzymes during fermentation. When fermenting the raw vegetables from completeorganics the sugar is transformed by natural lactic acid bacteria into lactic acid, which acts like a natural preservative. This preserves the vegetables and provides the fresh-sour aroma. No heat, no pasteurization is necessary, so the valuable vitamins remain in the vegetables. There are also other reasons why fermented vegetables are so good for digestion. On the one hand, the food can be digested more easily by the body, since the sugar is already broken down during fermentation. On the other hand, the lactic acid and its bacteria stimulate the intestines and bring harmony to the intestinal flora. Fermented vegetables are therefore not only delicious, but can also provide a better well-being. This makes it very easy to incorporate natural probiotics into your daily diet.

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