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Every body is different – That is why it is important to know the body properly first in order to be able to do something good for it. Lykon offers the perfect opportunity to learn more about your own state of health. With DNA and blood tests, it is quite easy to identify individual needs. Important information such as predispositions to obesity and the feeling of satiety are contained in our genetic material. Information about one’s own metabolism, nutrient requirements and intolerances is fundamentally important for the path to a healthier life. For sustainable weight loss, for example, we need information about metabolic processes and fat burning. If you want to get more momentum into your life and improve your vital signs, you should consult meaningful blood values and an evaluation of your genetic nutrient requirements. If, on the other hand, digestion is a problem, you should find out more about possible intolerances. All this can be done with the Lykon Lykon. The tests of Lykon provide an insight into their own genetics. In this way, the needs of one’s own body can be recognized and dealt with in a targeted manner. In order to make it easier to improve health status and achieve goals, at Lykon there also are supplements available. These supplements are vitamins and minerals validated by doctors, which are good for digestion or metabolism, for example.

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Who wouldn’t like to know a little more about their own body? With the tests of Lykon you can easily find out what the body needs and what not. This does not always require long medical consultations or preliminary examinations. DNA and blood testing can provide a significant advantage in achieving one’s fitness and health goals. With them, the right foundation can be laid first. For example, you can learn about your own nutritional needs, all from the comfort of your own home. Without knowing exactly what the body needs, it is difficult to develop a suitable approach. Based on the results of the tests, the right measures can be taken and diet or exercise plans can be created to improve health. Weight loss, more vitality or digestion? Which construction sites are to be worked through? No matter what the goal, Lykon offers simple testing and fast turnaround so that results can be viewed online in as little as 5-10 working days. Secure discounts and optimise nutrition and lifestyle with

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Most people strive for a long and healthy life, but not all know how to achieve it. There are a few tips and tricks that work for everyone, but there is no universal solution. Every person is different, so every person needs their own path to the goal. Lykon’s Lykon offer just that. Individual values to get closer to one’s own goals. The tests can be used to gather information about digestion, intolerances, metabolic processes and nutritional needs. With this knowledge, specific nutrition and training plans can then be created and the lifestyle optimised.

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