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Whether endurance or muscle training, whether in the studio or in the fresh air, training alone or together, as it fits into everyday life. Because an active life makes you happy.

This is Fitness First

Fitness First is not just a gym, but the path to a more athletic life. The studios are the perfect place for any kind of workout. Here, the possibilities go far beyond cardio and equipment training. Fascia training and functional training in particular offer an ideal complement to conventional weight lifting or the cross trainer. The offer ranges from state-of-the-art training equipment to a free weight area for free and creative training, to personal training. In addition, various courses can be attended. For example, how about a rhythmic dance workout to shake off all your worries? Also exciting outdoor courses, targeted training for weight loss or even training for body and mind can be done at Fitness First. Of course, professional support is also provided. Trained coaches and trainers advise and help to achieve and maintain the planned training goals. But a good workout also requires a healthy and balanced diet. For this reason, nutrition plans and coaching on the subject are also included in a Fitness First Fitness First. At Fitness First you do not have to train alone. The CompanyFitness membership enables colleagues to train together in the Fitness First studio. This strengthens the health and team spirit of the employees. In addition to the extensive range of sports offered, Fitness First also attaches great importance to the necessary relaxation. Those who are not actively training can also relax in the wellness area. Depending on the studio, the swimming pool, sauna, steam bath and terrace with sun loungers offer a balance to the stressful everyday life.

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Have you been lying on your lazy skin for too long? Time to get active again. With a membership at FitnessFirst more movement can be integrated into every daily rhythm. The versatile training options leave no more excuses. Whether alone or together, independently or in a course. Secure a discount on a FitnessFirst membership via and start enjoying regular training again.

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Don’t we all strive for a long, healthy life? The first step may be taken with a balanced diet and sufficient sleep. But what is still missing are sports and regular exercise. There is a different type of training for each goal. Cardio training, for example, activates fat burning and ensures greater performance in everyday life. Those who regularly get on the treadmill or pedal can also strengthen the cardiovascular system and reduce stress. In addition to endurance training, it is also important to train the muscles. Weightlifting and free weight training can achieve more than simply bigger muscles. This is because it also trains the interaction between the muscles, which improves coordination. In addition, there are many stabilization muscles that serve the healthy upright posture. These are often neglected, but with regular exercise can mean a significant improvement in one’s attitude to life. Regular strength, endurance and flexibility training helps to become fitter and more relaxed. It also has positive effects on the brain, concentration and energy metabolism in the body. A must to maintain good health.

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