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Losing weight does not have to be associated with yo-yo effect and crash diets. Not only restrictions and hard training programs lead to a healthy life. There is another way. With the program of kilos ade a long-term result can be achieved without constantly feeling hungry. For a sustainable weight loss and a balanced diet, the 8-week program of kilos ade is just right. No idea for a special, yet healthy recipe? No time to buy fresh ingredients? No problem, kilos ade has the solution. A recipe book ensures varied and balanced dishes. So it never gets boring on the dining table. The purchases can be easily ordered by delivery service. This saves time and energy, which can be used more sensibly. In sports and exercise, for example. In addition to the change in diet, various cooperations with fitness studios enable athletic support with individual training plans and qualified trainers. To ensure that the plan is not simply followed stubbornly, there are also numerous tips and tricks for the path to the goal. In addition, there is learning content that provides building blocks for healthy living and helps develop a better understanding of the issues. The special thing about the 8 week program of kilos ade is that the health insurance company covers the course fee up to 100 %. With the support of the health insurance, the focus can be completely on losing weight itself. In addition to the 8 week program, kilos ade also offers a 3 week weight loss course. Here it’s all about proper nutrition with a meal plan for each day. This is supported by a light training program.

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Nutrition, exercise, motivation. These are the 3 secret ingredients in the recipe for success of kilos ade. There are numerous methods to lose weight and change your diet. How to choose one? What must be observed? kilos ade brings structure to the mess. This way, health goals can be achieved without any stress at all. A clear and understandable nutrition plan, as well as professional advice pave the way to success. With the discounts at, the dream weight is within reach. Even if it’s not necessarily about shedding pounds. A balanced diet can significantly improve our health in many ways.

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Living a healthy life can sometimes be difficult. There are countless trends and methods for a balanced diet. But what really helps? What dishes are suitable to lose weight? Which training program gets results? All these questions are now a thing of the past. With the program of kilos ade stressful days are structured. There’s no need to think long and hard about what to cook, because the recipe book has a healthy, exciting dish up its sleeve for every day. With a delivery service that delivers all the ingredients you need fresh, you’ll have more time for the important things in life. The path of weight loss is now no longer complicated, but becomes child’s play with kilos ade.

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