With movement prevention, you can finally master everyday life again, free of pain and full of energy.

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Yesdays offers online health courses to help alleviate neck and back pain and make lasting improvements to your lifestyle. They place great emphasis on authenticity, quality, fun, optimism and lightness. The team of physiotherapists, Pilates instructors and medical consultants aims to communicate knowledge about the body and methods to alleviate discomfort in a way that everyone can understand. No more medical gobbledygook, but comprehensible content and contexts offer patients the opportunity to prevent and treat pain on their own. Yesdays lures everyone out of their comfort zone and keeps them motivated through exciting contexts. They do this with a lot of experience, understanding and sensitivity, without any pressure and instead with a lot of fun. Specifically, the focus is on manual therapy and medical training therapy. Best of all, the long wait for an appointment with an orthopedist is a thing of the past. Users can participate in the online course from home, regardless of time and place. In addition, the certified neck course can even be covered up to 100% by health insurance.

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Enjoy life to the fullest and get through everyday life pain-free. That would be great, wouldn’t it? Especially back and neck problems affect the well-being of many people, yet the solution to this can be quite uncomplicated. therefore offers discounts at Yesdays so that patients can learn how to alleviate and prevent their ailments themselves and enjoy life again.

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Tension in the neck area is often the cause of headaches. They can be triggered by stress-related tension, lack of muscle tone and poor posture. However, this can be counteracted very well with regular neck and back training. But pain is not the only thing that can affect us in our daily lives. The well-being and enjoyment of life is often also counteracted by limited freedom of movement. This is precisely why Yesdays courses first identify individual problems and complaints. This is the only way to develop a plan to sustainably improve the individual’s suffering. The courses are composed of exercises, background knowledge and tips for everyday life. In order to achieve the desired goal, which is a pain-free neck and back area, the trainers pay special attention to the correct execution of the exercises. Rather slow and conscientious, instead of fast and unfocused, is the motto. It is important to do the movements correctly, otherwise the improvement of pain will not occur. The theory part is mainly about getting to know your own body more deeply. If you know the origins and triggers of the pain, you can treat it better and also prevent it. It also motivates people to listen and pay more attention to their bodies in everyday life.

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