Specialist appointment service

Specialist appointments through company health insurance – efficient and accessible Contents With its corporate health insurance (bKV), Hallesche Krankenversicherung offers a comprehensive solution to specialist appointmentsto organise specialist appointments efficiently and easily Instead of arranging specialist appointments via the health insurance an exclusive appointment service can be used, making access to medical care considerably easier. …

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Back to reward partners Saturo Drinking meals completely according to individual taste and individually tailored to fitness goals. This is Saturo A balanced diet is of great importance for health. Saturo makes it easy and offers a wide variety of meals to drink and mix yourself. On top of that, a lot of time can …

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Nudging Opportunities

Nudging Opportunities of Health Prevention

Nudging – Opportunities for health promotion and prevention Nudging – Opportunities for health promotion and prevention Content Berlin, 6th October 2022 – Human behaviour plays an important role in health. People who exercise regularly, abstain from smoking, have a normal weight and drink little alcohol have good prerequisites for a high quality of life even …

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Back to reward partners pilaMe Boost your attitude to life with Pilates, no matter when, no matter where. This is pilaMe No time to go to the gym regularly? No problem, pilaME has the solution: online personal training from home. pilaME offers a variety of sports courses developed by professional Pilates instructors and physiotherapists. They …

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Back to reward partners Yesdays With movement prevention, you can finally master everyday life again, free of pain and full of energy. This is Yesdays Yesdays offers online health courses to help alleviate neck and back pain and make lasting improvements to your lifestyle. They place great emphasis on authenticity, quality, fun, optimism and lightness. …

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